It was not intentional on my part. Unfortunately, my previous employer would not allow me to notify patients of my departure before I left the practice. If you are reading this, I am happy you found me!
Your medical records while under my care at the previous practice are property of that medical practice. As such, I was unable to copy or take these records from the practice when I decided to leave. Don't worry. Although it is within your right to request a copy of your previous medical record, in part or in whole, this is not necessary and you may incur a charge. If we feel it is necessary to review specific results, we will be able to obtain these directly from the laboratory or imaging center in most cases. If need be, we can always have you sign a record release at your initial patient visit.
I am implementing a state of the art electronic health record system that will be more efficient and allow more timely communication between physician and patient. All patients who see me in my new location will be considered "new" even if you have been my patient for the last ten years. By this I mean we will be documenting your health history in our system at your first visit. Any paper records that you would bring would only be scanned for pertinent info and then given back to you.
If you were a patient of mine at my previous practice, then most likely yes. We are credentialing with all of the same insurers and then some. We also offer competitive self-pay rates. You can call our office to determine whether or not we are in-network with your insurance company.

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