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Dr. Nadine M. Antonelli

Seashore Women’s Health was established in 2014 by Dr. Nadine Antonelli, a gynecologist serving New Hanover County since 1995.   Dr. Antonelli believes that all women have the potential to reach optimum health and wellness with a holistic approach to health care that focuses on mind, body and spirit.   A woman’s gynecologist can be instrumental in helping to guide that process, especially given the challenges that occur as women transition through different stages of their reproductive years.

In a rapidly changing world where patients are often lost to the medical system, Dr. Antonelli’s  focus is on providing sensitive, personalized care in a comfortable environment that allows each patient’s concerns to be addressed in a timely fashion. 

women’s health

The health needs of a woman evolve as she transitions through the stages of her life. As a gynecologist, I have a deep understanding of how the different reproductive stages , from puberty to menopause, influence a woman's health and wellness.


Each patient that comes to my practice is unique. It takes time to explore a patient's history, assess her current state of health and to develop a plan that best addresses her concerns. I strive to provide care that is individualized in order to meet each woman's needs.

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Physicians can only be effective if they truly care for their patients. Medical knowledge and skill can only be useful if a patient trusts her physician to deliver care. I appreciate that developing trust is at the heart of any therapeutic relationship.


Empowering women through education is my passion. I feel a responsibility to not only my patients but to all women in my community. Please follow my blog to learn about Women's Health.

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