Preventative Medicine/ Wellness Exams:

We recommend and offer Annual Wellness exams for women. These visits include the ordering and interpretation of age-appropriate routine preventative screening tests such as pap smear testing, STD detection and prevention, mammograms, screening blood work and bone density screening. Many insurance companies now provide these yearly wellness/preventative medicine visits without out-of-pocket costs.


We offer contraceptive counseling and services to women during their reproductive years. With so many choices on the market, let us help you determine which method is best for you. We perform Paragard, Mirena, Kyleena and Skyla IUD insertions, Nexplanon insertion and offer a variety of medical options to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Medical options include both hormonal and non-hormonal options.

Evaluation Of Abnormal Menses:

Menstrual issues can be extremely frustrating to patients. The key to success in managing the spectrum of menstrual difficulties is first understanding the cause of the irregularity. Once the most likely causes are determined, there are many options for treatment, most of them non-invasive or minimally invasive. Depending on the patient and specific issue, sometimes additional screening for gynecologic cancers is warranted. Dr. Antonelli practices office based gynecology only. If surgical management is determined to be the next best step, she is happy to make a referral to a trusted gynecological colleague in the community.

Colposcopy And Cervical Dysplasia Management:

Abnormal pap smears results are very common and can be confusing and frightening for patients. When necessary, we use colposcopy to further evaluate abnormal pap smears. Low-grade changes can be closely monitored. If high-grade change (dysplasia) is diagnosed, we offer removal of abnormal cervical cells with a minor in-office conization procedure (LEEP).

Menopausal Management:

Although there can be some common themes, every woman's journey through this transitional stage is different. We offer a variety of options to deal with issues and concerns that arise during the menopausal years, including conventional and compounded hormone replacement therapy and newer FDA approved non-hormonal medication.

Sexual Dysfunction:

We have a special interest in optimizing sexual health and appreciate how the stages of a woman's life can influence her sexual experience. Providing sensitive, personalized care in a relaxed environment allows women to comfortably address their concerns with their physician.